We love having visitors.  Since we've opened, we have people from all over the world come and study with us, many of them leaving us with handwritten thank you notes and returning over and over.  If you really want to learn how to develop a Movement practice, you need to spend time with us in person. 

First and foremost, you must complete 2 private sessions before joining group class.  This gives you and our students a much better experience and will allow for you to learn as much as possible during you time with us.  To schedule, please email us.  

Weekly Passes, which give you access to ALL CLASSES and OPEN GYM.  Many visitors have found open gym times to be equally as important as the classes.  This gives you opportunity to train with our students and get to know our community. We recommend spending at least a week with us. Check out the different passes.

Single Class Drop In - $35 for 90 minute classes /$40 for 2 hour classes

Private Sessions 

If you're planning on visiting from out of town, please email us at info@bouldermovementcollective.com to confirm your dates and for rate information. 

See you in Boulder