We have people visit us from all over the world.  If you're looking to take a Movement class, spend the day, or the entire week with us, then shoot us an email at info@bouldermovementcollective.com.  

What YOU Do

You play BJJ?  We can help you with more active hip mobility, shoulders and more resilient joints.

CrossFit?  Advanced gymnastic skills are a cornerstone of our practice.

Endurance athlete? Using Ido Portal's Corset protocols we can prepare for your body for the rigors of your sport. 

Yogi?  Collectively, Matt and Zack have taken hundreds of people from zero to 60 second freestanding handstands. 

Climber? Learn how to take care of your wrists and fingers, shoulders and back with our rehab work.

Not Athletic?  Neither were we. So we developed a way to become coordinated, strong and mobile.