I enlisted Matt’s help twice as a personal strength coach to help get me to two very different goals. The first time we worked together privately I wanted to lean down and work toward improving my overall physique. It was a program we joking called “Project Swolé.” Matt employed a number of movements and rep schemes from basic gymnastics and sprinting to Olympic lifts. The results were amazing and our progress was only cut short due to my getting a job and moving to LA literally overnight.

I am immensely proud of the work we put into these projects and could not have done it without Matt.

A year a half later I enlisted Matt’s help to move in the opposite direction. I had been cast in a movie set in the early 1950’s and wanted to bulk up. I told Matt I wanted to look like Mickey Mantle. I wanted big shoulders, big arms and a broad back. We had 2 short months and set to work. Matt’s came to the gym with a clear, strategic plan on how to get big without sacrificing joint health or mobility. Again, amazing results. Working out (HARD) and eating a lot of clean protein I put on 15 pounds in 2 months. I left to do the shoot for a month and immediately found a gym. Matt continued to send me workouts while I was away so I could continue to build off the progress we had made. I am immensely proud of the work we put into these projects and could not have done it without Matt. It was remarkable to have Matt listen to my goals, interpret them, formulate a plan and then execute it. It sounds simple but his passion and dedication for improvement and progressive sets him apart from almost all other trainers I’ve come across. He’s a remarkable coach and great dude.
— Jake Lacey, Actor
Over the last five months, Matt has helped me define a new outlook on fitness, strength and health. Sometimes I feel he understands my needs, goals and objectives better than I do. His dedication to his clients is unmatched and working together has been nothing short of a privilege.
— Nick Brown, Student
“Training with Matt Bernstein was one of the best life-decisions I have ever made. In a matter of months I watched my body change not only aesthetically, but perhaps more importantly I felt my energy and attitude skyrocket. I gave Matt very specific goals that relate to my line of work, and my need to maintain a certain flexibility and openness in certain areas of my body and he programmed each workout with my specific needs in mind, always checking in with me about how he was doing and if I was happy with the programming. He was open and honest with me about nutrition and gave me judgement-free advice on my diet. I can say without hesitation that he got me in the best shape of my life within 3 months. That said, there is more to a trainer that just results. Matt’s training sessions are personal, and he cares very much for each client he has in a unique way. I always had the sense that the sessions, even though they were happening in a public gym were private and that my specific challenges and fears stayed between the two of us. Moreover, Matt always took care to make sure I felt safe and protected and was sensitive to changes in my energy levels and moods on any given day, quick to change the plan for the day if he felt like it would help me. Since starting with Matt I have watched him train friends and colleagues and I have learned that Matt trains each client a little differently as he assesses his or her strengths and weaknesses, obstacles and motivations. I believe that is the sign of a great teacher, one who can adapt his lesson to best suit the student in front of him, while pushing him/her to still reach their fullest potential. What truly sets Matt apart from other trainers I have worked with is that he is not only interested in his clients as athletes but as people, and he understands that the keys to unlocking physical boundaries often lie in the heart and mind. He is a kind, forgiving, joyful motivator who fully invests in each client he trains and who celebrates each new fitness accomplishment (no matter how seemingly basic or small) of his clients in a genuine heartfelt way. It’s no surprise to me now to hear him whooping for joy across the gym when one of his clients accomplishes a long sought after fitness goal. If you are lucky enough to train with Matt you (and your body) won’t regret it.”
— Bryce Pinkham, Actor
Matt is a dedicated and knowledgeable coach, and working with him has yielded dramatic improvements to my strength, mobility, and overall well-being. His tailored and dynamic approach to training has kept the program engaging and challenging, and his creativity and constant research help drive incremental results, break through plateaus and address areas of weakness. In addition to being a fantastic coach, nutrition guru, and fitness/movement expert, he’s a remarkably positive (and hilarious!) person which makes working together an absolute pleasure.
— Samir Arora, Student
I first started training with Matt because I saw something in his teaching I’ve never seen before. He empowers women to be strong instead of skinny.
I was never an athlete and I used to be a size 12 but after a lot of hard work I changed my habits and became a much healthier size 8. Exercise became addicting and I envied those around me who we’re stronger instead of skinny. Matt changed my perspective and for that I’m extremely grateful. He helped me achieve goals I once thought impossible. There are moments where I doubt what I’m capable of but his persistence and heart never cease to exist. I now have strict pull-ups and as a female that alone empowers me to believe that as long as I have Matt as my coach I can do and achieve anything!
I often ask Matt, why don’t we do metcons, or endurance based cardio? He gives me this look and I remember I already know the answer. On weeks where I don’t listen and take a spin class I do poorly in my gymnastics. It might make me feel skinny but I’m definitely not strong. This is not to say it’s not something we do but it’s not something we do often. Try holding a 60 sec wall facing handstand. You’ll feel like you sprinted 200 meters.

Matt is more then the worlds best trainer, he’s the worlds best coach, motivator, therapist and friend. He’s given me confidence, made me cry (from training so hard), and given me back the feeling of being a kid again which in my opinion is priceless.
— Clarissa Malek, Student
I have been fortunate to have worked with Matt Bernstein as one of his clients since 2011. As a physician and a parent who had not had significant experience with personal training, I was focused on finding someone who could motivate me to improve my overall health and sense of well-being by creating challenges and goals that I could work hard to achieve. It was just as important for me to find a trainer with an expertise in biomechanics and physiology to avoid my getting injured. He surpassed these expectations in ways I could not have anticipated.

Matt is a gifted professional. He is a skilled trainer and coach with a remarkable depth of knowledge, offering a wide variety of novel ways to improve one’s physical and nutritional health. He is also a talented motivator, with a unique ability to make even the most difficult and comprehensive of tasks enjoyable and focused. Above all, however, he is a role model. He brings a personal warmth, optimistic energy, integrity, and rare set of ethics to all of his interactions, which have brought him considerable personal and professional success. The lives of his clients, students, and colleagues are all enriched through their work with him.
— Scott Goldsmith, MD
I can’t say enough great things about my training with Matt Bernstein. I discovered strengths and abilities I never imagined I’d have. After a year with Matt, handstands, press handstands, planches, back levers, front levers, shoulder stands, and ring rolls are all in my arsenal. I can now squat heavy and Olympic lift efficiently. He has also brought me more mobility and flexibility than I’ve ever had in my life. Not only is Matt patient and knowledgeable, but he is charismatic and excited about your achievements, as if they were his own.
— Kyle Fincham, Trainer and fellow Student