Make yourself at home, we've all been new before and we're here to help!

Where exactly are you located? What's the parking situation?

We're on Valmont Road between 30th Street and Wilderness Place. Designated parking is limited. If our lot is full, please park on Wilderness Place. Please DO NOT park at Alpine Animal Hospital, or use the spaces designated to Western Aluminum.

What should I bring?

Most of us wear long pants, but you'll figure out what works for you over time.

Our facility shoe free.

If you were to look in Matt's bag, you'd find: a long sleeve shirt, long pants, tape!  

Do I need to make a reservation or can I just walk in?

No need to reserve a spot ahead of time. Just come on in and we'll take care of everything here.

How early should I arrive? What should I do when I get there?

Feel free to arrive early and warm up. The space is open for you to get some movement in before and after class. Don't feel weird about coming early. We want you here and working on a practice.

When you arrive, check-in at the front desk, take your shoes off and get moving! 

Where do I put my stuff? What about amenities?

There are two bathrooms by the back wall and cubbies to the right for personal storage. You can put everything, including your shoes and socks in there since footwear is optional. Please note that there are no locker rooms or showers, so plan accordingly.