Get To Know Us!


Matt bernstein

Matt is a student of Ido Portal and has an obsession with process, teaching and quality.  Matt began teaching Movement in Brooklyn, NY where he worked with Golden Globe winning actors, Tony Award winning stage performers and people from multiple disciplines.  Matt did not grow up an athlete and has learned much of his practice as an adult.  Matt is an Ido Portal Mentorship student, a former ski patroller, a retired firefighter and an extremely happy husband.


zack finer

Zack is currently a student of Ido Portal within the Mentorship Program. A Pacific Northwest native he has been instrumental in developing a movement focused program for CrossFit Seattle, the first CrossFit affiliate. He is obsessed with the process in which movement is developed, both personally and within his student's practices. You will almost always find him in a gym, on a rock wall, or in a dance class working on his biggest weakness of the moment. He likes long walks on the beaches and finds talking about himself in the 3rd person exceptionally awkward. 


liav baron

Liav recently moved to Boulder to join the BMC team. Before she was teaching at the Ido Portal Movement Facility in Israel, where she's been dedicated to the practice since she was a wee little bean. Beginning at the age of 12, Liav trained under Ido Portal in Capoeira and continued through with the movement practice as one of Ido's dedicated and loyal students. When she's not moving, she's obsessing over furry animals and Disney movies. 


Ido Portal

Our movement teacher and main inspiration. Ido has been a leader in his field for nearly 20 years. The practice at BMC is based primarily on the Ido Portal Method.