Little Movers is our program that caters to the younger humans in your life. This program is noncompetitive and skill oriented. In each class we focus on having tons of fun while keeping the students constantly moving and learning. This is achieved through the use of varied content and consistent reinforcement of foundational skills to create an environment that cultivates and preserves the inherent physical intelligence of each student. We cultivate physical abilities such as climbing, dancing, catching, throwing, brachiating, inverting, locomotion on two and four limbs, spinning, rolling, stillness and more. We also cultivate social and emotional qualities such as working with partners and in groups, being a supportive friend, learning what it feels like to learn new skills and also learning how to keep working through difficulties.

This program uses the same world class methodology and underlying concepts as our all levels, adult classes, in a way that is adapted to be developmentally appropriate for ages 4-11.


First time coming? Show up 10-15 minutes before class to register. Contact us if you have any questions.



Forty Perkins, Head Youth Teacher

Forty has been a student at the Boulder movement Collective since before the gym opened, in  2015. He is passionate about his own movement practice as an investigation into the nature of being human, but also as a way to learn more about what it means to be Forty. This investigation is particularly rich as how it relates to facilitating the development of bodies and minds, especially in children. Forty also has many years of experience teaching K-6 and as an acrobatics and springboard diving coach. 


Yianni Stathopoulos, Youth Teacher

Yianni is a proud member of The Boulder Movement Collective. He uses his movement practice as a way to cultivate curiosity and build community. Yianni is passionate about sharing his love for movement with children in order to foster confidence, respect, and promote habits that will keep kids healthy as they grow into adulthood. Most importantly, Yianni wants to help children smile and feel capable in their own bodies.