What We Do

The teachers at Boulder Movement Collective lead group classes focused on strength and mobility, using tools to develop movement intelligence through the use of gymnastics, dance, martial arts, and acrobatic elements.

You will become more fit, stronger, more athletic and feel better, but our approach is different. Skills such as handstands and one-arm chins are consequences of what we do, not the goal. 

We are looking to help people become more coordinated, learn how to learn, and develop greater body intelligence.


New Classes!

All Levels 6:30am-8:00am Monday-Friday
Mobility 8:00-9:00am Monday-Friday
All Levels 11:30-1:00pm Saturday
Tuesday and Thursday 6:00-8:00pm will now have TWO teachers! 

Upcoming Events


Ido Portal's work is the catalyst for our facility. Please watch our video below to learn about our story.   

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Matt is a dedicated and knowledgeable coach, and working with him has yielded dramatic improvements to my strength, mobility, and overall well-being. His tailored and dynamic approach to training has kept the program engaging and challenging, and his creativity and constant research help drive incremental results, break through plateaus and address areas of weakness. In addition to being a fantastic coach, nutrition guru, and fitness/movement expert, he’s a remarkably positive (and hilarious!) person which makes working together an absolute pleasure.
— Samir Arora, Student
Over the last five months, Matt has helped me define a new outlook on fitness, strength and health. Sometimes I feel he understands my needs, goals and objectives better than I do. His dedication to his clients is unmatched and working together has been nothing short of a privilege.
— Nick Brown, Student
Hands down the best place to train along the front range. Matt and Zach are very hands on teachers, specializing each class to the degree of their students. When I first arrived I was in lots of pain from a lower back injury, and through the practices shown to me I have built back much of my former strength and ability! I will never go back to viewing a workout the same. The styles are unmatched, the teachers unparalleled, and the community unbeatable! Can’t wait to come back and train again. Highly recommend this to anyone, of any ability and background.

Thank you BoMoCo!
— Keifer Avi, Student
Awesome training, coaches, and community! Life long surfer and competitive judo player, and I was challenged every minute of the class. A Dr. told me 7 years ago that I had too many concussions to keep grappling, and this was the first time in since then that I’ve found something that got me as hyped as martial arts used too! Very cool style of training...everything is an experiment, and creativity/problem solving is always at the forefront. Super grateful to have something like this right here on the front range! I’ll be back! If you’re even a little curious, stop by and shake a few hands. 10/10
— Ben Digati, Student
You can’t beat the duo of Matt and Zack, aside from their good looks, between them they have a huge amount of experience and knowledge right from the source, Mr Ido Portal. If you are looking to explore the world of movement, don’t miss the opportunity to go and play with these guys. We are all here “TO LEARN”.
— Jonathan Clayton, Student of Ido Portal
I traveled from NYC to Boulder to visit Boulder Movement Collective and experience movement at a different level. I returned home a few days ago to many family and friends asking about my trip. You would think its an easy question to answer, right? But I can not put this experience into words. “Simply amazing” doesn’t cut it. YOU MUST GO, I’ve been saying. If you are curious, and enjoy moving, and want to hang with a cool group of welcoming people, do this for yourself - because you will shatter any limits you may have placed on your body and movement capability. Plus, its so f*cking fun!!

I will make an effort to be brief, and share with you the highs and lows of my visit. Lets start with the highs:
1. THE TEACHERS. They both ROCK. Very different teaching styles, and both with this natural ability to identify each person’s individual capacity and provide appropriate challenges. You will always be pushed to the extent that you are comfortable...and then a beyond. And THAT’S where the magic happens.
2. THE STUDIO. It’s just cool. It’s got a super clean aesthetic. Its open and breezy. And you feel badass just being there.
3. THE COMMUNITY. I can’t say enough about this. I loved being immersed in this dedicated, talented, and humble group of movers. It is an extremely supportive community of people at all different levels coming together to do fun stuff and learn in a very focused way.
-I am so much closer to a free standing handstand that I could have imagined after only 2 weeks.
-My body is much more toned and I have gotten several compliments from strangers walking down the street. (This did not happen before, despite having a consistent yoga practice for years.)
-I feel amazing. My nagging hip tightness is gone and I know what to do should it rear its annoying self again.
-I have a great set of tools so I can continue building my movement practice back in New York. (Until my next visit to Boulder, of course!)

And now - The Lows: (Actually, I only have one.)
I had to leave. I spent just a little over two weeks in awesomeness and these days felt like they flew past.
I’m so grateful for the experience, the learning, and not in the least, my stronger and toned physique. I am so grateful to have met Matt Bernstein and Zack Finer, and have spent this dedicated time working with them, and I can not wait to do it again.
— Sonia Chhabra, Student

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